Doughnut Holes

So after a certain wedding recently I had ridiculous cravings for doughnuts! This was made even worse by my decision to give up chocolate for lent (ask me about it later). If I can’t have chocolate, then clearly I’ll just substitute with doughnuts, right? (Perhaps I haven’t quite figured this lent thing out yet…)

So anyway, I made the most of an afternoon and made doughnuts! But not just any doughnuts…I made doughnut holes, which are exactly what they sound: the holes that are cut out from larger doughnuts. I assume this was an easy way of using up leftover doughnut dough back in the day? But let’s be honest, I just made doughnut dough and cut small balls of dough instead of larger ones!

But anyway. I highly recommend this recipe! I do hate that it’s from (because I’m a snob, and I wish to bake only recipes from Jamie or Nigella…I’m kidding, somewhat), but I honestly couldn’t find a good recipe in any of my usual, fantastic recipe books! But it’s an easy, relatively fast and very tasty recipe! Just make smaller doughnuts and don’t cut out the middle of them if you want doughnut holes!

(Side note – I also recommend this recipe. It’s basically perfect. The custard does help, but even just the cooked dough is good!)

I always find the oil, well, the cooking the trickiest part of doughnuts. If the oil is too hot it will burn the outer crust but will be raw inside. And if the oil is too cool it will take so long to cook that it’s difficult to know when it’s properly cooking through. Plus, once oil reaches a certain temperature it’s difficult to maintain that temperature, so keep an eye on how quickly those doughnuts are browning! But the deliciousness of these doughnuts is well worth the head-scratching!! So get on it!


Happy Baking!


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