Brownies | Part 1

So for a few years now I’ve been known for the brownies that I bake…I’m not sure how I feel about this for a few reasons:

  1. I’ve never thought my recipe was that good…(but apparently cooks are a lot harder on themselves than anyone else…)
  2. It’s not even my own recipe! It’s from Google…
  3. They’re not traditional brownies, and whilst that doesn’t sound like a big deal (because it’s not a big deal), I’d rather have a really solid traditional brownie recipe and then experiment with other types of brownie.

I just realised, that if you don’t love baking or eating baked goods as much as I do, this probably sounds incredibly intense…believe me, it’s not always like this! Sometimes I just feel strongly about my baking…but I’ll stop being so intense now. Apologies.

So back to brownies! Those three things listed above made me want to discover the perfect traditional brownie recipe! But of course, that begs the question, what makes a perfect brownie? (I said I would stop…apparently I lied. Sorry!)

So in my mind there are two types of brownies – cakey and fudgey – and both can be good depending on what you want. But I definitely favour the fudgy kind! If you don’t know what I mean by fudgy, then just look at these pictures for an idea…


See how the texture of these brownies is dense and it almost looks undercooked? It’s not crumbly like a cake, it’s moist and dense! So fudgy brownies are essentially slightly undercooked…they’re also chewy and delicious!

So I started looking for ideal recipes! Because you can so easily tell if it’s a fudgy brownie just by looking at a photo, Pinterest was my starting point and believe me, it’s a crucible! Type “brownie” in to Pinterest and you’ll get so many cakey brownies, or reinvented cheesecake brownies that you’ll actually feel relieved when you find a standard, fudgy brownie recipe!

I think by now I’ve made at least 15 different recipes and here are a few of the best ones!

Brownie #1

This one is a great recipe! It’s a straightforward recipe that’s easy to follow, and very standard for brownies. Once you’ve made them a couple of times, you’ll recognise the method.

The result is a really nice, chewy brownie with an intense chocolate flavour.

Brownie #2 

Sometimes I’m a bit of a snob, and I was really surprised by how good these brownies are because I found the recipe on I actually use Taste quite a bit, but I’m always skeptical of the recipes, especially sweet recipes. So I was pleasantly surprised by just how great these brownies were!

They’re rich and intense and chewy and fudgy! They’re really great! But I think I cooked them a bit longer than they said – so keep an eye on them. Brownies are very touchy, and you need to make sure you don’t overcook them! But that’s always tricky because you’d assume that, like a cake, the brownie wouldn’t have any crumbs on a skewer if it were cooked fully or that it might bounce back when lightly touched, but no! Brownies will still be very sticky and seemingly undercooked even when they are perfectly cooked!

Brownie #3

These brownies are quite amazing too! The tricky thing with brownies is that they’re quite fickle! Depending on how long you melt the chocolate for, how long you leave the mixture to cool and how long you bake it for you can get very, very different results! So when you’re baking brownies, try to be precise and take note of exactly what you do so that you can replicate it, or change it accordingly!

So there are some options to investigate, so

Happy Baking!



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