Black Forest Gateau

So what is a black forest gateau? Isn’t it just a cake? Well, according to those who know, a gateau (as opposed to a cake) is a “light cake, especially filled with nuts, cream or fruit”. So I guess a black forest cake could be called a gateaux because of all the cream and all those cherries! And now we sound fancy, and like we know what we’re talking about. Winner!

So, I made a black forest gateau (yes, I am that fancy), for a family friend’s birthday celebration. Essentially, it was fantastic. But there are a few reasons why…

  1. It’s a great, easy chocolate cake. The only thing you really need to know about good black forest cakes (in my opinion) is that the actual cake part is intensely chocolatey, dense and lavish. Even though we just learnt that a gateau (that lovely word again), is typically a light cake, it’s always better if it’s dense! (At least, that’s what I think!)
  2. It doesn’t need to be especially tall or big – it serves a lot of people just because it’s so lavish. You really don’t need a huge piece to feel satisfied: there’s a whole lotta cake in just a sliver of this black forest gateau! (it’s getting a bit much, is’t it?)
  3. It doesn’t require intense decoration, yet it looks fabulous! You don’t need to frost the cake at all – all those layers and all that cream make it look divine as it is! The only touch I added was a slather of ganache and a few fresh cherries on top
  4. Finally, and probably most importantly, it tasted brilliant! Or so I’m told…I didn’t actually get to eat any of it. Though I did try all of the elements separately and they tasted pretty amazing, so how could they possibly taste bad together?!


I found the recipe for the chocolate cake here, and then whipped around 500ml of cream and topped each cake with that followed by morello cherries and some of their juice. I topped it all with ganache and some fresh cherries. It serves about 12 average slices or about 8 super greedy slices!


Version 2



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