Happy Birthday, Taylor Swift!

So last week I won tickets to Taylor Swift’s concert in Melbourne!! So exciting! But then I also won a meet and greet with her!!!

Exclamation marks are not enough to convey the intensity of our excitement. We screamed so much, and then we were convinced that someone was playing a trick on us, because this sort of stuff doesn’t just happen! Especially not to us!!

So anyway, we were brainstorming what we would say to her, because we’re worried we might just fangirl and faint, instead of actually speaking to her. But we also wanted to make her feel loved and like a real human being! Then we remembered that her birthday is December 13, which is a few days after the concert! So what better to do than bake her a birthday cake! (and also a ‘congratulations-on-the-1989-world-tour’ and ‘you’re-amazing-and-we-love-you cake)

Now, we are very aware that she might not be allowed to accept gifts, but hey, it’s worth a try!

But then I felt like it had to be the best cake in the whole wide world! How do I do that???????

But I figure chocolate cake is a favourite, right? It’s a pretty safe bet that she’ll like chocolate cake. But I just have to make it the best chocolate cake in the world! So that means trialling recipes and finding the best everrrrrrrrrr.

And so I trialled.



Here are the results:


Chocolate Cake #1

This recipe comes from this blog and the pictures make it look divine! So worth a shot, right?

It’s such a simple cake to put together, and only takes 35 minutes to bake!


  • Very easy to bake
  • Very intense chocolate flavour even though you only use cocoa!
  • The coffee flavour doesn’t come through, but I think it adds to the intensity of the chocolate flavour
  • I think I overcooked it slightly, but it’s a great combination of moist, dense cake that is still a bit crumbly
  • Works really well with cream and raspberries as a sort of dessert cake – would also be great with a splash of liqueur!!


Chocolate Cake #2

This one’s a family favourite! It’s moist and dense with a coffee hit adding to the amazing flavour! I recommend trying it!! (it’s also very easy and straight-forward to make!)

  • dense and moist
  • intense chocolate flavour! Though, the coffee flavour is quite strong
  • easy to bake – just melt and mix!

Chocolate Cake #3

The first time I tried this cake I was convinced there was nothing else in the world worth eating ever again. It’s called a Mississippi Mud Cake (like this one), and essentially what makes it so good is whiskey…of course!

  • dense but a but light too
  • good, strong chocolate flavour
  • coffee and whiskey are subtle but definitely add to the intensity of the cake
  • very easy to make – also a melt and mix!


So in the end I went with what I knew, and chose the Mississippi mud cake, so hopefully she likes it, if she ever gets to see it, let alone eat it!! But it was fun anyway…






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