Chocolate Coffee Cake

A friend was celebrating her 40th a few weeks ago, and I was asked to secretly make her a birthday cake! As it happens, I was also borrowing said friend’s KitchenAid after my beautiful, loyal Sunbeam died very suddenly!!

Her husband said coffee and chocolate cake, and it needs to feed 20 people. So I got to

I got the recipe from here. It was lovely and straight-forward, no tricks or hassles. The only thing I changed was that I didn’t use that frosting. I made up the frosting recipe – it can be dangerous I suppose, but it worked brilliantly! It was the best frosting I’ve ever made. But sadly, and very unsurprisingly, I didn’t take note of what I was doing, and can probably never replicate it! Whoops…

And then a  funny thing happened the other day when my very talented sister and I finally figured out after all these years that as the creative one, she should decorate the cakes that I make, and I’ll just stick to the baking! This is mostly because she loves it, and is better at it, but it’s also fun to create something together! So that’s what we did this time – I made the cake and she decorated. It was awesome.





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